Analysis Of The 2020 Season Of Grêmio And Inter After The Grenal 427

Internacional de Porto Alegre vs Grêmio

2020 has been a year full of emotions for the fans of the two big teams of Porto Alegre. Grêmio has had better luck in the derbies in the year that the teams finally met in the group stage of the Libertadores, however, Inter has had better luck in the Brasileirão. 

Grenal Rivalry – Libertadores

The centenary history of the two big clubs of Porto Alegre was marked by the grenais of 2020, as the two clubs played for the first time in the Libertadores environment and not just for games valid for regional and national competitions. 

In the international competition, Grêmio had better luck as they won the second game, the Grenal 427, and collected one point in the draw of the first Libertadores Grenal ever, before the COVID19 break. 

Although Grêmio had better luck in the Libertadores environment, Inter collected more points than the blue side of Porto Alegre In the Brasileirão 2020. 

Brasileirão 2020: Inter Performing Better Than Grêmio

Inter was undoubtedly much more regular in the Brasileirão than Grêmio, however, after Grenal 427, Inter fans are very annoyed by the fact that it’s been 10 derbies since the last victory of Inter. 

Although Grêmio had draws that left them in a very bad position in the Serie A of the Brasileirão, it is also true that the fans care a lot about derbies, and often times this is a key factor to determinate how long a manager will stay in a club. 

The situation of Coudet and Renato is quite curious: Renato Gaúcho will be in a better situation than Coudet, even if the Argentine coach of Inter had a better performance in the national competition. 

Pepê: A Rising Star Of Grêmio

When Éverton Cebolinha left Grêmio to Portugal, the fans of Grêmio believed Pepê was ready to become the new regular

The player had already scored important goals, but to score the winning goal, in a beautiful shot from outside the box, in the only grenal valid for Libertadores that had a winning team; this will certainly bring a lot of confidence to the young Gremista. He was also considered a player that was quite mature in the transfer markets, or at least in the ‘speculation environments’, as Pepê was rumoured to be leaving to AS Roma before the covid break. 

Grêmio vs Inter Summary

Sometimes when it comes to Brazilian football, being the most solid team in the national scenario isn’t enough, and that might be the case in 2020. 

The colorados of Porto Alegre aren’t happy about the situation of the derbies, and the better performances against national rivals simply aren’t enough. 

Time will tell if the victory of Grêmio in the Grenal 427 will be enough to kick off a recovery in the Brazilian 2020 Série A, or if it was a case of special motivation against the rivals.