Analysis of the situation of all teams after the 3rd round of Série A – part 2

How are the Série A teams after 3 rounds played? Let’s take a look at their performance considering the difficulty of each match played – in this second and last post, the teams from 11th to 20th place

Corinthians (11th) – 4 points- Considering that they used subs against Vasco, the result so far is good. The match took place in neutral field (Manaus).

Ceará (12th) – 3 points- – Ceará had a rather difficult start, they only have beaten CSA in the first round then lost against Cruzeiro and Atlético-MG. Considering the quality of the sides they lost to, they had a decent performance in spite of the little amount of points collected.

Fluminense (13th) 3 – points- – Fluminense could well be the only team with 0 point so far, they only beat Grêmio after being 3 goals down in the score, in a match they were revived by the mistakes of Grêmio. The team isn’t that bad, but they definitely look like to be rather irregular this season.

Goiás (14th) 3 points- – Out of the teams that have collected 3 points, Goiás had the hardest schedule so far, facing very tough teams. Decent performance taking in account the opposition they have faced.

Inter (15th) 3 points- They used a sub team against Chapecoense so the analysis of the first 3 matches is a bit more complicated. Considering the matches in which they have used their regular team, the result is 3 points collected out of 6 which isn’t that bad.

Fortaleza (16th) 3 points- They have also had a hard schedule but not as much as Goiás. Considering that they were recently promoted to Série A, the performance isn’t so bad.

CSA (17th) 2 points- They were recently promoted and they are perhaps the poorest side financial wise in this year’s Série A – that being said, the team has collected 2 points in draws against much stronger opposition (Corinthians and Santos). However, they are at the bottom 4 and it never feels good to be at this part of the classification table.

Grêmio (18th) 1 point- Grêmio’s issues so far had a lot to do with their defence’s lack of good subs – they lost 2 points in a late own goal against Avaí and against Fluminense the sub goalkeeper made a mistake that will be remembered forever. The side from Porto Alegre has only collected 1 point out of 9 in spite of having scored 6 times in 3 matches. They are expected to climb a lot higher through the classification table, at least very far from the relegation threat. Their recent recovery at Libertadores suggests that this poor start should be behind them very soon, yet their poor performance is by far the biggest surprise of Série A so far.

Avaí (19th) 1 point- – The team collected only 1 point out of a late own goal of Grêmio. The recently promoted side will have to improve a lot their rate of collected points otherwise they may get back to Série B very soon.

Vasco (20th) 1 point- – Our season preview clearly indicated that this was possible. In spite of their squad not being that bad, the financial issues and the political chaos make it difficult to perform well. Their only point collected so far was in a match they decided to play in another venue outside of Rio, in Manaus, due to commercial reasons. It was worse than neutral field given that Corinthians has a lot more fans all over Brazil, but the pressure at home is so bad that they felt more comfortable in those conditions. However, 1 point out of 9 is still very bad. Vasco’s fate this year seems to be fighting against the relegation threat once again.