Asian bookmakers vs European bookmakers

Understanding the Bookies 
There are very distinct kinds of operators in the world of sports betting. The Asian bookies can be a very good alternative for professionals while European bookies offer some freebies that simply don’t exist when it comes to Asian bookmakers.  

There’s no right answer when it comes to these two distinct products, there are advantages and disadvantages depending on your goals and budget.  

European Bookmakers 
These bookmakers are the brands that most gamblers know, and the odds are advertised in the 1×2 system. They offer bonuses to the punters and they often have casino operations together as well as poker products. 

In terms of net odds, they are a bit worse than the Asian bookies but the opportunity to redeem bonuses might compensate it for punters that bet in the house of 1 to 4 figures.  

They offer lots of secondary markets that don’t exist normally at Asian Bookies that take major bets, such as exact score, odds for specific players to score and bets on yellow or red cards. Very specific outright bets also normally exist only at European bookies. 

As the competition among operators of different styles – Asian and European – is growing, they may also offer odds in the Asian Handicap style as a secondary product. You will normally never see big ads of European bookmakers using the AH style. 

Asian Bookmakers 

The market is normally the place that big millionaire punters focus because restrictions to winning punters are uncommon at these markets.  

The system of Asian Handicap is the most used one, and liquidity there (betting limits) can be as big as 8 figures – some tales of 9 figure bets also exist, but 8 figures are surely ‘real’. 

If you have mastered the AH system, then you may find it interesting, but have in mind you normally won’t get nearly as many bonus offers like the European market does offer. 

Some kinds of bets like arbs are easier to be done in the AH market because of the 2-way system of odds. 

It is interesting to note that Asian bookmakers can be a ‘style’ and not literally an Asian company – some ‘Asian’ bookies are registered and active at places like Isle of Man, Malta and Curaçao for example. 

What is the Best Bookie for Me? 
If you are a rookie, then stick to the European bookies as it is easier to think in terms of 1×2 bets than Asian Handicap. If you bet in the house of 1-100 BRL each time, you can benefit of multiple bonus offers, which could more than compensate for the smaller odds of European bookies in comparison with Asian bookies. 

If you are on your way to become an advanced bettor, then try the Asian bookie universe wisely, I.e. shift a small portion of your bankroll like 10-15% to an Asian bookie account and track your first results very carefully. If you are doing well then increase it. 

The styles of bookies offer distinct advantages, and you can always keep a portion of your budget at each kind of site to enjoy the best of each ‘world’ of sports betting.