Baccarat Live Casino Game Review

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The casino card game Baccarat has been associated with the rich and famous for long time, in fact, in the world-famous movie franchise 007, the favourite game of James Bond is Baccarat!

Baccarat Live: The High Roller’s Arena

High Rollers have been winning tons of money with Baccarat for decades, and the live rooms of Baccarat Live from Evolution Gaming are available at BetGold Live Casino. One thing is assured: It will transport you to the world of Baccarat tables.

Win Big With Baccarat!

Live rooms allow gamblers that want to bet big sums of money to play like true high rollers, in fact, Evolution Gaming live rooms have a great range of potential bets, some of them take bets as little as $5 while others can take major bets in the house of $25k!

Baccarat Betting Guide

The game may be confusing to some, especially when the secondary rules are evoked, however, the basic rules aren’t so hard to understand.

The game works around the concept of comparing hands: the rounds of a Baccarat Live Casino card game session can have three basic results: player, banker or tie.

The valuation of the hands is not so hard to understand: the two cards that are initially drawn compose the hand, and the cards between 2 and 9 are worth face value, while aces are worth 1, and other cards are worth 0 (jokers aren’t used).

Baccarat Live casino gameplay screenshot
Baccarat Live casino gameplay

If a hand is comprised, for example, by a 3 and a 5, it is ‘worth’ 5. A seven and a five would be worth 2, as the hands worth ‘two digits’ are counted by the last digit.

There are secondary rules that apply to the potential third card to be drawn, as well as rules to break ties.

However, after you observe the game for a while, it isn’t so difficult to grasp the basics and you are also free to observe our live casino rooms for as long as you want before you feel comfortable enough to bet on Baccarat Live Casino rooms by BetGold.

Baccarat Live Casino Game Summary

BetGold offers several different ways to bet on Baccarat games, both using software technology and live human dealers.

Some players prefer a rather straight forward gameplay organized by a software while others are fond of the immersive experience of the live casino featuring real dealers.

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