Best Mobile Betting Websites

The World of Mobile Betting 
Mobile was a word most associated with cell phones in the past decades, however, the term became a bit broader as tablets were invented and other products like netbooks and even notebooks started to overpower the sovereignty of the desktop that reigned supreme for many years. 

In the begin of the decade that started in 2010 it was fairly rare to find bookies and casinos that had keen mobile sites, and dedicated mobile apps were yet to be invented.  

Mobile seems to be the tendency in terms of online gambling as the mobile devices allow the punters and casino gamblers the chance to bet during times like commuting time, airport, train and metro queues and many other situations. 

Live betting inside football and other kinds of stadiums has become normal, and the ‘border’ between the real world in which the sport is played and the exciting and profitable virtual betting activities is blurring more intensively every year that passes. 

Some companies care more than others about mobile adaptability, but as a general rule you will always be able to bet using a mobile regardless the bookmaker or casino: even if there isn’t a specific app, you still can bet using Chrome or Safari at your mobile device. 

The days in which you visited an online gambling site and landed at a frustrating message saying ‘this site doesn’t allow mobile accesses’ are well behind us in 2020. 

Does the App Matter That Much? 

Truth to be told, most keen sites look good when visited via Chrome or Safari through mobile devices, the app isn’t imperative, but some companies do a good job in terms of keeping a cleaner design at the apps. 

We can say that apps can be useful but depending on the situation of your mobile in terms of space and even internet connection or capacity to process the apps, the site may be a better solution. 

As we have hundreds of sites that can be visited by Brazilian gamblers, it is important to understand that each company must be analysed separately, but can say the app is a useful ‘alternative’ and you should not be shocked or disappointed if you learn that a company that you like doesn’t have yet an app at Google Play Store or Apple Store. 

Test it In Practice  

It is also important to understand that the way your own mobile will behave when visiting the mobile browser version or opening the app depends a lot on your own mobile: if your chrome or safari hasn’t been cleaned for a long time, it may be running slow, and depending on the quality of the app in terms of code, it may require significantly more computational power than the browser option.  

The tests we run at the site to make our reviews about the mobile versions of sites reviewed, which usually result in a green light to all ‘options’, are always performed using devices that are set by professionals which means the potential discrepancy you may experience cannot be predicted by such reviews: you must test for yourself what alternative suits better your own mobile device.  

On a final note, it is interesting to note that specific games like slots may be more amusing and exciting when played via mobile as you feel like you are ‘touching’ the virtual machine rather than clicking using a mouse.