Best sportsbook websites

Best Sportsbook Website

Choosing the Right Place to Bet 
It may not be that easy for beginners to choose carefully were to place bets on their favourite sports. Sports like football are usually associated with feelings of fun and joy and the financial nature of the gambling world may be kind of new to bettors in countries like Brazil where sports betting has been severely limited to a horrid accumulator operated by the state for many decades. 

The most important notion to be absorbed before trying to select a place to bet is to understand that sports betting is business, and one of the biggest ones around. Business is divided in two types of companies, and the betting industry is no exception: the honest and the dishonest companies.  

That being said, it is not that hard to choose a safe place to bet, but there are a few things to keep in mind to help you whenever you need to tell the good ones from the crooks.  


You may have heard about this ‘concept’ at other articles of our site: licenses are digital documents that are issued by governing bodies, normally controlled by the government of serious countries that allows companies to operate in the gambling world.  

The digital nature of online sports betting has kind of made the borders between the countries kind of blur, which affected countries like Brazil a lot in the past 15 years: the fact that the servers of the foreign websites was located outside Brazil was effectively considered that online gambling was the equivalent to gambling abroad like when you visit a casino in Las Vegas or Punta Del Este.  

The law has recently changed but the country is yet to see a regulation process that will make the changes effective, which means the best way to tell the good from bad in terms of sportsbooks remains to analyse the quality of the licenses owned by the company that controls sites accessible via the Brazilian ISPs. 

Check if the site you are considering betting holds a license issued in UK, Malta, Curaçao or Sweden: if so, you are likely to be safe when betting with the company. 

Quality of the Service 

After choosing a safe place to bet, you must compare the sites in terms of quality. The essential aspects would be 

  1. Quality of the odds 
  1. Quality of the bonus 
  1. Quality of the customer service 
  1. Quality of the Payment Methods and speed to pay / respect to their own deadlines 

The aspects above aren’t in order of priority because depending on the priorities of the user, they may not be equally relevant. If you are after a juicy bonus but don’t mind facing some delays, then a particular bookie may be good. If you are after big odds and don’t like delays, then another company may suit you.  

The factors above, alongside with secondary elements make the bookies look very distinct and the best way to learn about them in detail and choose the best site for you is checking our reviews of bookmakers: our reviewers are experienced and our site is always up do date, which means sites with good reviews at should not ley you down!