Betting Forums: The Power of the Community

Define Your Goals

When you start your journey in the world of betting, you must define your goals. Do you want to have fun and take chances, or do you seriously want to invest time to develop skills that could pay bills?

Difference between Casinos and Sports Betting

Put simply, sports betting could potentially become a source of income that derives from skills and energy, just like any other job. Casinos, however, are just a kind of ‘rather amusing lottery’, i.e. a game that involves luck rather than any sort of skill.

The difference is enormous and the results can be catastrophic if the above notion isn’t absorbed at an early stage by a bettor.

Sports Betting Forums

The forums of sports betting can be divided in two essential kinds: the ones comprised by recreational bettors and those that only accept professionals.

The open forums may have pros that sniff around and like to interact with lesser skilled punters, but as a general rule, the professionals prefer to stay at closed environments, and the reason is what punters and other kinds of traders call ‘liquidity’: if you bet too much on a team, the odds will drop. If your tip is good, then you can exploit the same insight over several rounds before the market eventually realises that the odds are (or were) wrong. 

Sports betting communities are interesting environments that could teach you a lot, and eventually help you to transform your passion for sports into a profitable skill. 

Exchanging Tips

One of the most interesting features of the forums, especially the closed ones, is the potential to exchange tips with punters that cover other leagues. That would be, in practice, a virtual syndicate. Read more about syndicates at our specific article.


One of the greatest things that could happen if you are a good punter and you engage on online public assemblies of bettors is that you could be invited to bet professionally on behalf of an investor and earn a commission. Many people don’t know that, but the truth is you don’t even have to possess money to become a profitable investor these days: if you have the skills, someone will back your bets.

That kind of thing could happen at closed forums and open communities as well.

Casino Communities

The communities focused on casino betting, most notably sites that discuss and review that quality of slot games, are a different thing: the purpose of such sites is to simply find out what are the most amusing games out there, and even if there’s some comparison in terms of what games are more generous in terms of potential prizes, the so-called ‘volatility’, the ‘universe’ of casino bets remains in the realm of ‘luck’, while sports betting have the potential to be a true profession, which is the case of many punters and syndicates these days.


Even if your goal in the world of betting is simply to have fun, communities are a nice place to learn new things. The jargon of the world of gambling is a very rich one and these communities could help you internalize it in a faster way through posting and exchanging messages with members.

Some sites of that kind also receive some special offers directly from the gambling houses, which is an additional reason to visit them.