Casino Betting Strategy: Slots

The Nature of Casino Bets 

The meaning of the word strategy in this context must be understood before potential strategies can be explained. 

It is imperative, even in terms of responsible gambling, that casino gamblers understand the big difference between sports betting and casino betting. While it is possible to develop skills and increase the chances of profiting out of sports betting, the same doesn’t apply to casinos. 

Casinos, however, have unique advantages too, it’s not like they are worse in any way in comparison with sports betting, they are simply different. 

When spinning the reels of slot games such as Mega Moolah, you could profit in the house of 8 figures by betting 1 BRL. No form of sports betting wagers could make you an instant millionaire with such a smell bet. Even accumulator bets have their limitations in that sense. 

Casino Strategies: slots 

Some websites out there use the word ‘casino strategy’ in a rather misleading way. There’s no set of practices that could increase your chances of winning at a casino, unless if you believe in mind control of metaphysical aspects of reality, which is a far more complicated, and even far-fetched claim. If you analyse the matter rationally, casinos are a matter of luck. Period.  

Why do some people talk like they are possible anyway? Well, if you consider everything explained above, in a way, it is possible to ‘plan’ your slots gambling. 

Optimising Your Gaming Time 

There are ways in which you could adjust your stakes and even chose specific games that could help you achieve a certain ‘goal’. 

If you like to win often at slots, but you don’t care about winning smaller prizes, then focus on the so-called ‘low volatility’ slots. They pay prizes very often, but they aren’t anything like progressive jackpot games of high volatility. 

In a way, choosing slots according to their volatilities would be a ‘strategy’ that could help you in the sense of betting with the ‘right machine for you’. 

Stake Size: Strategies 

The same applies to the decision of how much to bet, the so-called stake size. If you have 100 BRL to bet in a casino betting weekend, and you want to spend just 30 minutes during Saturday afternoon then 40 minutes on Sunday, you could adjust your stake size to be in the house of 0.20 BRL to 0.50 BRL, as it should be enough to ‘cover’ such time windows. 

In practical terms, slots’ stake sizes should be adjusted according to your gaming budget and the amount of time you want to spend betting. 


Casino games can be an amusing way of spending time and take chances too. You could indeed become an instant millionaire if you bet using the right kind of slot. If you simply want to have fun, then other slots of lower volatility would be more suitable. 

The key to avoid frustration and bet in a healthy way is to understand the core differences between sports betting and casino gambling.