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Today there are thousands of slot games available to play online, with a huge variety existing in terms of gameplay, theme, features and bonus types. Before spending real money on slots, it can be helpful to test free slots or the demo versions of the video slot games to get a feel for what appeals to you as a player. After all, playing slots isn’t just about trying to win money or getting free spins, it’s also (or at least should be) about having fun while you play the online caisno games.

New slot games are released frequently, with a huge number of providers including NetEnt, Microgaming, iSoftBet and WMS Gaming launching new games every year. As you can imagine they aren’t all that cool or as good as you wish, so our first and best tips for you about slots games is: 

Try out new and popular free slots here to get a taste for which slot games work for you.

Why Play Free Slots?

Playing free slots is the best way to find out whether a slot game is fun to you before you spend real money playing it. You can also assess the story of the game, the gameplay, the volatility of the slot and get a good sense of what kind of features and bonuses the game has.

A good way to have a better and more consistent opinion about a slot is by reading online reviews which we are frequently posting here at theFree Slots page of 123Aposta, but at the end of the day, everyone’s different and different slots will appeal to different players. For that reason, Free Slots are essential to test the gameplay.

Test Free Slots Before Using Real Money

While some gamblers prefer simple games with few special features like the classic slot games of 3×2 reels, others may prefer the Yggdrasil kind of video slots with huge efforts on the story and graphics of the game, making the bonus features super motioned with its 3D effects and great sound mixing. Sometimes, you’ll play a slot game purely for the theme, while other times a theme that doesn’t really grab you won’t matter because the quality of the gameplay shines through. If you’re looking for the fun of playing, it’s obvious why you should check 123Aposta Free Slots.

With such a wide range of slot games available to play for free, it’s pretty easy to try slots out before spending real money on them. While many slot players spin the reels in the hopes of winning jackpots, it’s important to remember that most players lose as much as they win, and so it’s important to make sure you’re aware of the volatility and Return to Player before spending your money on slot games you enjoy. 

What To Look Out For In Slot Games

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed at first by the sheer choice of online slots available today. New players in particular may find it difficult to know what to look for in a slot game. The most obvious first couple of questions to ask are: 

  • How much do you enjoy playing slot games? 
  • Do you keep spinning the reels because you’re having fun? If so, perhaps you’ve found your new favourite slot.

Many players will be drawn to slots initially because of their theme. Some games feature popular generic themes, such as adventure slots like Gonzo’s Quest, viking slots such as Vikings Go Berzerk, and fruit slots like Fruit Spin, while others use licensed brands to create immersive slots based on popular films and TV shows, also named branded slots.

Blueprint Gaming’s The Goonies is a great example of a popular licensed slot game. It’s easy to get drawn in by characters, symbols and graphics you find appealing, but remember that while themes can often make you want to play a slot, it’s good gameplay and features that will make you keep spinning.

Slots Gameplay And Features

While most slot games share the same basic gameplay, where players choose a wager and then simply click to spin the reels, there are some big differences between individual slots in terms of both gameplay and special features. The three primary types of slots you might come across are: 

Payline Slots

These slots where winners are awarded for combinations which fall on one of multiple paylines; 

Ways Slots

Where wins can be awarded in one of a huge number of ways to win;

Grid Slots

Where winners are awarded for symbols landing in clusters.

Types Of Slot Games Features

While some of these games might look similar on the surface, these subtle differences in the slots gameplay can make or break a title for some players. Another consideration is the special features; many slots feature a Free Spins bonus as standard – though not all – but others go further and add bonus mini-games, pick ‘n’ click games, and bonus wheels. For some players, Free Spins are enough when playing slots, whereas others prefer the excitement of multiple special features to keep things interesting. Once again, you can test for free features you don’t feel comfortable with or new features you never heard about in Free Slots.

Chances To Win On Slot Games

Another consideration players should make before choosing to play a slot game with real money is how the slot pays out. All slot games come with a return to player (RTP) figure, which gives you the average return to player over a period of play. On average, most slots offer an RTP of about 96%, which means players will win back around £96 for every £100 they spend. Look for games with more generous RTPs if you play to win.

Slot volatility will also have a big impact on whether a slot is fun for some players. Slots with high volatility offer big wins and big losses, so players may lose a lot before they land a big win, whereas games offering low volatility pay out smaller amounts more frequently. Which type of game you prefer will depend upon your appetite for risk as well as your playing style.

Another good point on Free Slots is that you can try a high variance game if you have never tried it before and assess if you can deal with the pressure before playing with your real money.

Jackpot Slots

One last consideration is jackpot slots or progressive jackpots. These slot games offer players the chance to win a huge jackpot, sometimes reaching the millions like the Mega Moolah jackpot slot, which is pooled from the bets of many players over a period of time. While the chances of winning a jackpot from these games are very low, the potential to win such a life-changing amount is what makes these games so popular with many players.

123Aposta Free Slots

With 123Aposta, we want you to play the best slot games you know you love. There are so many online video slots out there, and it’s important to make sure you play the Free Slots version, before spending your money playing those ones you really enjoy.

Try our free slots today at 123Aposta Free Slots page and take the time to find new games you love enough to play again and again. There are always new free slots added to our collection, so you can test out old classics and new releases too.