Goiás, CSA and Bahia – how are they doing in the week of Brasileirão’s begin?

CSA and Goiás are back to the top division of the Brazilian football pyramid and Bahia begins the season with a recent coach change – How are the teams doing in the week before the national season kick off?

CSA – The club lived a sequence of division promotions in the recent years and now they are back to the national elite after 31 years of absence. The club represents the state of Alagoas, a state that did not have a club in the Série A for years. Unfortunately for them, history suggests that teams recently promoted have no easy life in the top division.

CSA should most likely seek inspiration from Chapecoense, a club that also lived many promotions within a little number of years and managed to stay in Série A. Maybe the club’s biggest asset is their big motivation after years away from Série A and also their recent title at their regional competition the Campeonato Alagoano, which they won after a PK shootout against CRB.

However, their financial reality is complicated comparing to the rest of Série A, and that might turn out to be an issue.

Bahia – The team lived a recent coach change and the newly appointed coach Róger Machado won with them their regional tournament the Campeonato Baiano, however, some question the relevance of this considering that the runners up are the modest side Bahia de Feira, a team that this year will be at national Série D (4th division).

The teams from the Northeast have had a hard life in the national top division in the recent years, and like we discussed in the last post regarding the clubs from the state of Ceará, that might mean a shared focus between Série A and the Copa do Nordeste, a parallel competition involving the teams from this region of Brazil.

We can say that a recent coach change very close to the national season begin is always a bad sign, but that might be even worse than that for a team that isn’t from the parts of Brazil that have dominated the national football in the recent past (South, Southeast and Minas Gerais state).

Bahia is quite traditional within the northeast region and they are probably kind of bigger than the other clubs analyzed in this post in terms of history, however, they lived a hard season in 2018 and avoided relegation by only 5 points, they also saw their city rivals Vitória relegate, therefore, to stay once more in the top national division should be their initial goal in the tournament that is about to start.

Goiás – The club has been through a lot over the past few days, firing the coach immediately after losing the state final against their local rivals Atlético-GO. Other Série A clubs have lived coach changes in a poor timing, but that doesn’t mean their situation is any better, meaning that the newly appointed coach Claudinei Oliveira will need to rebuild their confidence fast as the Brasileirão begins next weekend. This season should be more challenging than the last one in which they featured the Série B.

In sum none of the clubs analyzed in this post seem likely to fight for the title, CSA seems to be especially challenged by the circumstances after years away from the top division, and their high spirits after winning their state tournament are probably their biggest asset as of now but they remain smaller than Bahia or Goiás in terms of past history and tradition. Many clubs lived coach changes close to the tournament kick off, but that doesn’t change the fact that all 3 clubs discussed here will probably have a very challenging season and have good chances of being involved in the fight not to relegate.