How Covid19 Can Affect The Football Betting Odds

covid19 on football betting

Some punters are feeling surprised by sudden fluctuations in the football betting market odds due to the pandemic of 2020, however, this kind of situation isn’t exactly new. 

When problems like contagious spread through a squad of football players, the change really tends to be severe in the betting odds. 

The retail bookmakers usually earn margins of 6%, which means there isn’t room to accommodate potential change in expectations due to several regulars and first choice subs falling ill to covid, or pretty much any last minute change to the expected line-ups – the truth is the markets work on small margins and strongly unexpected events can be indeed surprising. 

How To Bet Safely During The COVID19 Pandemic

As we explained, it’s impossible to be 100% protected against the risk of a match being cancelled or a team being forced to play with several youngsters like we recently saw happening with Flamengo against Palmeiras in the Brazilian Série A. 

The best advice possible in such a cloudy scenario is to maybe reduce the time margin between the bet and the sport event itself. 

Betting is the art of viewing clearly through the risks, and the bookies aren’t creating special rules for covid-19 related odds fluctuation, the markets adjust the odds based on the news and that won’t change at call, whether it is covid19 in 2020, or any kind of infectious disease. 

Truth to be told, the effects of covid19 are pretty similar to what happens when a manager decides to field substitutes and rotate the squad unexpectedly – one of the teams suffers a major decrease in the odds and the markets will take some time to adjust the expectations and prices. 

COVID19 Influence On Football Betting Summary

Unlike other things in the world of sports and football such as team quality, covid19 can affect any team in theory, there’s no team that is more inclined to this kind of risk. 

Mathematically, it may be too early to say if one could ignore the risks of COVID affecting a line-up, if proper bankroll techniques are applied to your betting resources. 

On the other hand, if a bettor decides to gamble too late, the value of the odds may have melted into a bad odd. 

Risk management can be challenging nowadays, but maybe a good tip would be to bet early on odds that you expect to drop quickly, and wait as much as possible if you expect the market to be stable for a while. 

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