How do slot games work

Online Slot Games 

Slot games are the most amusing way of betting in an online casino: these are the games that can bring you the profits you always dreamed of, and some games like Mega Moolah could even pay you prizes that are comparable, and occasionally bigger than lottery prizes.  

Understanding Slot Games 

The name of the games is related to the slot where coins are inserted in real life metallic slot machines, and if the player wins the game, the machines pays coins. Scenes of Las Vegas movies of slot machines cascading coins are very common, although such games and machines normally don’t pay the kind of prizes that some online slots of the progressive jackpots category are able to pay: Mega Moolah for example has already paid prizes bigger than 100 Million Reais.  

How to Play Slots 

The game is based on reels that contain symbols, and if the player lands the symbols in specific ways, he or she may profit, and each specific combination could pay different prizes, i.e. some combinations or symbols pay better prizes than others. 

Normally the symbols that pay the smallest prizes are numbers of card games, like 2 to 10 and J, Q, K and A.  

Types of Online Slots 

There are basically 3 types of online slots, and their difference is related to the potential profits and frequency of payments: 

  1. Low Volatility slots: these games pay prizes quite often, but they aren’t that big. A popular game of that kind in Brazil would be Football Star, and the most famous game of that kind is probably Starburst 
  1. Medium Volatility: They pay prizes less often than games like Football Star and Starburst, but they pay prizes more often than games like Mega Moolah 
  1. High Volatility and Progressive Jackpot slots: a high volatility slot would be any slot that pay big prizes, and there’s a special category of game called jackpot games that is focused around the concept of jackpot. Not all games that are of high volatility are progressive jackpot games, but all progressive games are of high volatility. 

Free Spins 

The slots are popular games and the most famous kind of casino promotion is focused on these games, a spin is a round of a slot game, and the free spin promotions reward the gamblers with some free rounds to play. 

A common format of free spin promotion is the welcome bonus package, which adds value to the first deposit(s) of the gamblers in the form of a deposit multiplier (often times a ‘deposit match, i.e. a bonus of 100%) plus some free spins. Some of these promotions allow the bettors to use the spins on specific (famous) games while others are good to be used across the entire list of slots of the operator that offers the promotion. 


Slots are the easiest games of the casino world, and normally all it takes to bet is to define how much you want to bet, spin the reels and cross your fingers. 

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