How do the SC teams begin the national season? – Analysis after the polemic regional final

A VAR intervention in the regional final of the Santa Catarina state caused major anger from Chapecoense and the club even requested the local federation to declare the last match result void and play it again – How to the teams from SC start Série A?!

ChapecoenseThe club started very well the current phase of the Brazil Cup, winning the 1st match at home against Corinthians, however, the club lost the SC regional final to their rivals Avaí after a PK shootout. The final result came after a match in which the VAR made a polemic call, and the club has even demanded the local federation of football to declare the final match result to be void and have it played it again. That will most likely not happen however it illustrates well how the moods are in the aftermath of the weekend.

In the midweek they will face Corinthians in the second match of the current phase of Brazil Cup, the match will be played in São Paulo. For this year’s Série A Chape seems to have a squad of intermediate quality and a coach compatible with their means. Teams like Ceará, Bahia, Fortaleza, CSA, Vasco, Botafogo and Goiás seem to be close in terms of quality at the moment.

The state final decided in a shootout against Avaí seems to indicate that they are close in terms of quality comparing to this team. Last season’s fight not to relegate involved several clubs in a very unusual situation.

Usually teams with 44 points like Chape ended in 2018 do relegate but more than a team escaped with this number of points, like they did. They do however seem capable of escaping much earlier than the last round, they seem able to collect at least 50 points comfortably, and the recent victory against the current title holders of the Paulista regional (the strongest regional tournament of Brazil) illustrates this very well.

Avaí – After featuring the Brazil Série B in 2018 the club from the island of Florianópolis will face the tough Série A in 2019. The team will rest in the midweek before the begin of the tournament, which will certainly be an advantage in comparison with Atlético-MG, the team they will face in their national debut of 2019. The team from Minas Gerais just lived a coach firing in a poor timing and is also involved with Libertadores, a competition they might say farewell to next Tuesday even before the kick off of Série A.

Actually, even their second round might be interesting considering that if Grêmio does well in their next Libertadores fixture, there are rumors of a squad rotation and the Gaúchos have performed very poorly in the recent national season whenever they involved the sub team. Avaí has good chances of collecting plenty of points in the first matches.

In sum, both the Catarinenses seem able to escape from relegation within a comfortable timing, however the clubs from this state have lived ups and downs during the last years with many relegations and promotions. They had good moments in the recent past, in which the state exceeded the number of 2 clubs in the top national division.

Chapecoense is involved in the Brazilian Cup and that might mean some extra cash for the season if they keep progressing, however their regional rivals do have an easier schedule in the first rounds which might make a difference by the end of the season.