Stake Size: How to Decide How Much to Bet?

Bankroll and Stake Sizes 

This article isn’t precisely about bankrolls, but a brief explanation about how important it is to discuss how much you should bet. Especially if you bet a lot in the in-running market or if you place multiple accounts across several different leagues. 

Simply put, your bankroll is how much money you have available to bet. Every time you bet, you are risking and trying to make a profit out of a portion of your pool of money available to bet. 

Stake Sizes: Flat or not flat 

The flat betting system would be the practice of defining a fixed amount of your bankroll to bet during a period. Reasonable amounts would be 10% or 5% of your bankroll. The only kind of adjustment that is done is to make these percentages reflect the reality of your bankroll, which requires constant accountancy. In essence, we have an article about betting accountancy coming soon. 

If you visit betting forums, you will likely see stakes being referred, for example, like 5/10. This fraction means effectively that the suggestion is to bet 5% of your bankroll. 

Let’s say you have placed 5 simultaneous bets during a busy Sunday of bets: that means you as risking 25% of your bankroll. It is important to bet fractions of your bankroll that allow you to recover during a bad weekend or week, or to allow a sustained growth. For that reason, punters divide their bets into cautious stakes. 

The flat system means that you fix an amount and bet it until you revisit your bankroll for new calculations. We suggest calculating again your stake size at least once a week, and not more than once a day: constant calculation can be tiring and take energy out of the duties of a punter that are many, such as researching for information and good odds. 

Some punters argue that the bets aren’t equal in quality and the stakes should reflect this reality. Let’s say you are confident about a bet, you could bet let’s say 7/10 (7%) at that event, and if you come across an event with big odds, you could reduce it to 3/10 (3%). The size of the odds often influences the stake size, as punters may try to compensate smaller odds with higher stakes. 


The practice of using flat stakes like 5/10 (5%) or 10/10 (10%) is subject of constant discussion in the betting community. Big syndicates tend not to care much about this and bet as much as possible within the betting limits of the league, as they often consider that this mental process of stake calculation doesn’t compensate the time spent on this extra task. 

Whether you find it appealing to use tailored stakes or flat stakes, it is interesting to notice how particular punters that you may follow at communities or forums ‘express their levels of confidence’ in a specific bet through the use of betting stakes that aren’t flat. 

As it is often said among punters, at the end of the day the results dictate whether your methods are good or not. If you are finishing every betting month with a profit, keep following your instincts and good luck! 

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