How to make extra money from slot games 

Profiting with Slots  

Did you know that you could become an instant millionaire out of slots betting? There are slots that could pay prizes in the house of 120 Million BRL, and the stake size to go for such a major win is in the house of 1 BRL!  

All you have to do is decide what kind of prize you are after, choose your slot game accordingly, cross your fingers and spin the reels. 

Slots That Could Make You an Instant Millionaire  

The games that could transform your life are the virtual slot machines that fall into the category of high or extremely high volatility. Such games pay prizes lesser often in comparison with the so-called low volatility ones, but they really could pay major prizes in exchange for small stakes. 

Let’s find out more about these nearly magic games… 

Jackpots and Networks  

The games that pay the highest prizes of each betting day, week, month or season are often part of what the market calls ‘jackpot networks’, i.e., the developer of the game connects many casinos that offer bets on the slot, and a very small fraction of each bet contributes to a gigantic jackpot, that is paid to the lucky winner.  

RTP – Almost All Stakes Back 

RTP is a concept that expresses how much of the betting volume is taken by the gambling house as a cut and how much returns to the gamblers in the form of cash prizes. Most games do pay back more than 95% of the stakes, which means the gambling houses only take about 1/20 to 1/25 of the betting volume, the biggest part returns to the lucky bettors.  

If you compare these RTPs in the house of 90%, the Brazilian national lottery looks like a very greedy product, as the RTP is in the house of 46%! The prizes that are marketed only represent the net result after taxes. 

Although slots could require 15% of taxes for capital gains abroad, for players with fiscal residency in Brazil, that’s still something like more than 80% of RTP, which is a much better number than a Mega Sena prize, for example. 

Prizes That Could Help Pay the Bills 

It is true that some major prizes could transform you into an instant millionaire, but prizes of games of lower volatility could help you pay some bills in the house of a few hundred bucks, the low volatility and medium volatility games are perfect for gambles that enjoy the sensation of profiting rather often. 

Comparison with CAIXA Products 

The best way to understand the slots prizes is to compare with national products of Brazil, low to medium volatility slots would be like a Lotofácil prize, i.e. easier to win, but the prizes aren’t as big as the Mega Sena, which would be more like a high-volatility product. 

There’s no right answer when it comes to your gaming sessions, you should test all slots of trustable casinos until you discover what product suits your gambling preferences. 

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