How to make extra money through e-sports betting

Betting on E-sports 

If you like Dota, League of Legends, FIFA, PES, you may be able to make extra money betting on electronic sports events, just like that friend that makes some money out of traditional sports betting. 

There are several different tournaments of professional teams of e-sports, but some of the most notable events include Dota, League of Legends, FIFA, PES, Fortnite and many other trending games.  

If you know everything about the big professional streamers that go for the big prizes on such tournaments, you may be able to profit out of the newest product of the sports betting world: e-sports betting! 

E-sports Odds 

Some people don’t quite understand that odds work the same way like sports betting, i.e., initial odds released by the gambling houses’ compilers are influenced by the past form of the teams and players, but the market does a big part of the ‘adjustment’ of the odds. Let’s understand how this process happens: 

Odds and Bets 

The so-called odds compilers release the first odds with a certain betting limit, and based on the first inflow of money, the market automatically adjusts the odds, and the limits grow slowly until reaching a relative stability.  

Odds work like some kind of price, but when they are highly demanded, the odds drop, unlike other prices like stocks or retail products that rise based on inflation.  

The natural process of market adjustment based on keen techniques of risk management allow the bookies to absorb good volumes of bets without worrying much about releasing perfect prices right away, which leaves lots of room for valuable bets by e-sports fans like yourself.  

It is also interesting to note that the markets adjust themselves in a global way, i.e. bookies that have e-sports odds do not operate individually, they do have systems that scan the competitors odds, not only to avoid the possibility of arbs, but to have a notion of what’s going on. Despite this intense market tracking, there’s lots of room for profitable bets. 

A common misunderstanding when it comes to odds is the notion that odds ‘sold’ by gambling houses do represent actual probabilities: that’s not true, they do reflect the expectations of the market, i.e. the gamblers and the bookies, as the odds of e-sports and traditional sports are based on estimations, and not on fixed probabilities like casino odds. 

The fact that they are based on estimations allows professional bettors to profit out of a golden concept called value: check our guide about traditional sports professional betting and you will find out more about trading techniques that can help you profit out of e-sports betting and trading.  


The way videogames in general are seen by society changed significantly in the last 15 years, in the recent past videogames were considered a waste of time, or at best, some kind of cheaper nanny to kids, and the development of professional teams of e-sports athletes that make millions out of electronic sport has played a key role in terms of changing the way the games are seen.  

Nowadays even universities are supporting teams of electronic sports, which means this growing trend seems likely to keep growing in the decade that is starting in 2020. 

E-sports Betting Bonus 

Online gambling houses used to have two main kinds of products: traditional sports betting and casinos, and now the e-sports are emerging as a brand new product that is being pushed via generous bonus offers that could help you kick off your professional e-sports betting career with a boost! 

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