Neymar’s Future

Neymar dribbling for Paris Saint Germain

Where will Neymar play in the 2020/2021 season? Neymar is going to give a boost to the big sports newspapers around the world with a lot of audience because of the speculations about his future, and, to further increase the sales, Messi also seems willing to leave Barça

A transfer window where two of the most talented and expensive players in the world can leave their teams is also boosted with speculations about Cristiano Ronaldo’s future at Juventus. 

Will Neymar Stay In Paris? 

Neymar seems to have had a short term big focus at PSG at the end of last season aiming to win the Champions League, but his adaptation in Paris was never complete and the Brazilian player has already had several controversies such as the aggression to the fan after a match, trips on unplanned dates without his club’s consent, less understanding of French than expected at this stage, and even some injuries with partial recovery due to alleged lack of discipline. 

From the moment that PSG only gets a silver medal in the Champions League, all the negative factors of the relationship with the Parisian club become more evident and the player now has his future discussed in the front page of the newspapers. However, Messi’s potential departure from Barça is a new factor that affects this story of Neymar and his potential departure heavily. 

It seems impossible at this point to talk about Neymar’s future without talking about Messi’s future. 

Neymar In England With Messi?

Manchester does not seem to be the most attractive city in the world for a star who has lived on two beautiful beaches, Santos in Brazil, and Barcelona in Spain. 

However, reuniting with Guardiola and maybe even Messi at Manchester City could be a sum of enough ingredients to attract Neymar Júnior to the north of England. 

Neymar Back In Barcelona? Back Without Messi?

Barcelona itself generated a problem that is affecting their entire future, the disaster against FC Bayern seems to have really caused the players and part of the fans a desire for profound changes. 

Although a number of fans have protested outside Barça’s CT asking for Messi to stay, in fact Messi is not eternal and one day this transition towards the future must happen eventually. 

Neymar and Messi seem to share the same desire to play together in the future, however, the weight of both names in the same club is limited to the possibilities of few clubs in the world, and it would be very difficult to imagine Messi and Neymar outside the universe of major names to the likes of Barcelona, ​​Manchester City, PSG, Real Madrid, Juventus, Inter Milan and Manchester City

Fans who like speculation will have a lively European summer with lots of gossip and stories of all kinds in the sports press, and the most pragmatic will wait for the end of the transfer window and confirmation of where Neymar and Messi will play in 2020/2021 to imagine the future of these teams in the new scenario. It seems certain, however, that some of the big stars should change his personal addresses in the near future.