Palmeiras started well the Brazilian Serie A – are they already the favorites to win the trophy?

Scolari’s side are the leaders of the tournament and played well at the Libertadores group stage. Last year they went far at Libertadores and won the Série A trophy. The positive facts are well known and widely discussed by the local press, but what could eventually stand on their way to win at least a trophy in 2019?

The notorious political instability

Palmeiras is a complicated club. Even when everything seems to be going very well, things can decay easily, as the inner pressure is immense. The fans are probably unique in terms of how they demand commitment. In the past they even won the Brazil Cup early in the year and had secured a qualification to Libertadores but ended the national season relegated, as Scolari himself was fired in a polemic move. After the Paulista turned out as it did, some even wanted his departure, but now as they are 4 points clear at Serie A he has got the status of a genius again. It’s hard to understand, but in a nutshell, Palmeiras can become problematic easily.

A great sub left the club this week

Ricardo Goulart left the club in a shocking move, and part of their amazing squad depth goes with him. It’s not the worst thing in the work he was indeed recovering of a big injury, but still, it might be a long term issue to them as they are praised for their very squad depth.

Felipão back to the Brazilian selection?

Everyone that knows deeply Brazilian footie is well aware of it’s unpredictable nature. No one really expected Mano Menezes to be the Brazilian team’s national coach when it happened, but as the former chairman of the local FA failed to negotiate in a polite way, inviting the press to early for pictures, the former favorite Muricy Ramalho left the place and things turned out as everyone knows, so even if Renato of Grêmio is the favorite at the moment in case Brazil doesn’t do well at Copa América and Tite leaves, at the moment, considering the situation of Palmeiras as 1st post in Série A and the fact that they did very well at the Libertadores group stage, it’s fair to say Scolari is a name the would definitely be considered, should the Brazilian selection need a new manager.

In case Palmeiras is still at the 1st post when the Brazilian local footie stops for Copa América, and the green side of São Paulo is far ahead, let’s say over 5 points clear, it’s fair to speculate the direction the local press may go could be that perhaps Scolari deserves a chance to be again the coach of Brazil.

It’s interesting to note that after the infamous 7-1 match Scolari himself didn’t rule out continuing as the Brazilian team’s coach, and based on his past statements it’s quite rational to consider that he is willing to take a chance with Brazil again and leave a better image for the next generations than the 7-1 or the melancholic match against Netherlands which marked his departure.

In case Brazil does well at Copa América 2019

In case it happens it’s fair to expect Palmeiras to win something big in 2019. They are doing well at all competitions they are involved and the only major problem that could shake their form would be an unexpected departure of Scolari.

The Brazilian Série A is a competition which many sides fail to field competitive sub teams when focusing on one of the cups, Libertadores or Brazil Cup, so Palmeiras clearly has an advantage due to the well known squad depth.

The cups however are of a rather unpredictable nature, although Scolari has always been successful in the past, having won Libertadores and Brazil Cup for several different clubs.