Professional Betting: Is It Real?

Sports Betting: A Real Profession

Yes, it is real. Some very successful investors have adopted sports betting as a profession. They are very diverse in size and levels of resources, and that doesn’t mean just how much they are able to bet, but the level of organization they have, which often includes paid subscriptions to services of sports analysis, feeds for specific news regarding injuries and suspensions among other kinds of services which may include full dedicated staffs.

The Lonely Wolves

Before talking about the big organizations and the major investors of the sector, we should address the most common situation which we can informally call the ‘lonely wolves’: punters that research on their own, with minimum or zero information that isn’t 100% free.

It is indeed possible to develop skills that are based on information that is free. In fact, we live in the era of free information, what is sometimes ‘paid’ is the service of organizing that information, which includes analysts that can read information in foreign languages or watch reporters talking and analysing leagues in real time. Other ways of organizing information include big data research and the production of complex mathematical models, but that doesn’t really apply to the ‘lonely wolves’: most lonely bettors have information based on sports impressions rather than deep knowledge of mathematical modelling or predictions.

Lonely bettors can bet a few hundreds Reais in Brazil that can help pay a few smaller bills, or we could be talking about true traders that make a few thousand BRL that covers their daily expenses.


The term has a very peculiar meaning in the world of betting, and we have a specific page about it, but in general that means a group of traders that work together. These bettors may share structure, an office, or simple exchange tips and try to profit together. It is a common practice to ‘divide’ the market in different countries or leagues and see punters operating together and sharing financial solutions, and at times, bankrolls too.

Syndicates can be very big, in fact the greatest punters in the world are organized in big companies that bet dozens of millions of Euros every weekend.


Some people misunderstand when we affirm, based on personal experience, that big organizations make millions out of betting: we are talking about very hard work, that often times involves more than 100 employees working together on behalf of a big investor.

The ‘work’ to snatch valuable odds can be done in many ways: a sports pundit may realise what a math genius may find out via a mathematical model, and both bettors can back the same bet in disproportional ways, i.e. while one guy can bet 100 BRL, another syndicate in Europe may be betting 400,000 USD on the same bet, same odds.

We will provide many tips and articles for you to become a profitable punter, perhaps a professional one if that’s what you want, but have in mind that this is a job like any other, at times much harder than a 9 to 5 job as it often requires hours of weekend work, but the rewards can be significantly more interesting than a ‘normal’ job.