Betting Guide: 1X2, 1X, 2X And 1 Or 2

Two football players standing out of a sports betting website

Did you ever feel confused by specific sports betting selections that involve more than one outcome of the traditional 1×2 betting system? 

Don’t worry, 123Aposta has created a special guide to help you understand everything about the simplest and most popular betting systems for football matches, and even other sports that have the possibility of a draw as a result of the game. 

1×2: The King Of The Bookmakers

1X2 is the simplest and most popular sports betting system, which is even used intuitively by groups of friends during World Cup office competitions of bets that are famous in Brazil when that kind of event is happening.  

The result ‘‘1’ means the home team wins, for example, in a Flamengo VS Grêmio match at Maracanã, the odds or probabilities for result 1 mean that if Flamengo wins the bettor receives the amount staked multiplied by the odds. 

The X represents the possibility of a draw, and in levelled games it is an odd that usually ranges from 3.0 to 3.5. If the tie has odds well below that it means that the market expects an extremely balanced game, and if it has odds of 4, 5 or more, a team has the market’s confidence to win the game. 

The ‘2’ odds would represent in our example the victory of Grêmio

Sports Bets 1X, 2X And 1 Or 2

There are some types of combined bets, that is, you can bet on Flamengo’s victory and draw at the same time with 1X odds. The odds will be lower as the bet or selection covers a larger number of events, and the chances are much greater of winning. 

Low or high odds work more or less like betting on Lotofácil or Mega Sena, Lotofácil has higher odds of winning and pays lower prizes than Mega, and with sports betting the same thing happens. 

The selection 1 OR 2 is a bet that is against the tie, that is, if you bet that some team, no matter which one, will win the game, then you are effectively betting against the draw. 

Summary Of The Betting Guide For 1X2, 1X, 2X And 1 Or 2

Sports betting in the 1×2 style can be made by betting on more than one result, that is, different results from the 1×2 probability universe are combined in compound bets that may involve the victory of one of the teams and the tie (1X or 2X) , or the winning possibilities of both teams in contrast to the tie bet (Bet 1 OR 2, which is the reverse of the draw / X bet). 

If you think a team has a good chance of winning, but you don’t want to risk losing the bet because of a draw, 1X or 2X bets can be interesting, and if you think a match will not end in a draw at all, bet on 1 OR 2.