Slots Double-up Feature: Worth a Try?

The Double-up Feature

When you bet with slots, you may come across a peculiar feature, the ‘double up’ feature. This is an extra in-game opportunity that allows you to gamble your winnings.

The feature can be presented in several different forms, including quick card games, such as trying to guess the suit or the colour of the next card, virtual coin flips and many other possibilities: the creativity of the developers is unlimited in that sense, but we can say the most common features are the card games like the ones we described.

While there are other forms of enhancing your profits at the end of a winning round, such as fortune wheels, these aren’t normally considered double up features.

Double Up Feature: Analysis

From a strict mathematical point of view, there isn’t a ‘profit’ margin taken here, these features are in theory a form of free bonus, i.e. if the game is calibrated in an honest way. The reason behind that is if the game offers you the chance to flip a coin, in theory you have 50% of chances of winning and the profits are proportional.

The same applies to double up games such as quick card games, they normally offer you the chance to bet with chances of winning of 50% (colour) or 25% (suit).

These days the online slots are always under constant scrutiny, the operators test the games constantly and the slots fans and affiliate sites do a great job in terms of comparing games. If a game is calibrated in a mischievous way, the chance of that being noticed is very big.

Double Up Feature: The Trade-off

If you assume the feature has ‘no net costs’, i.e. the potential profits are 100% proportional to the risks taken, the net result would be same as betting on a ‘fair odd’ in the realm of sports betting, or betting on the roulette with zero house cut.

Analysing this situation strictly in terms of math, the net result is interesting, in the long run, it doesn’t matter if you double up or not, the risks and profits will be proportional, with no net gains or losses to the bettor or the gambling house.


The double up feature can be a way of making your gaming hours more amusing, but if they are calibrated in a fair way, no edge should be present.

In theory that makes sense, but the truth is the community of gamblers simply doesn’t get to know the actual numbers ‘behind’ online slots. The developers simply don’t share that information with the retail customers.

The perception of ‘quality’ of a slot in terms of volatility is defined in a slightly arbitrary way, and that explains why different sites that review slots will label the games in different ways, i.e. site 1 could say a game is of high volatility while site 2 could say it is of medium volatility.

If you consider the double up feature as a free bonus that ‘contains’ no house edge, the answer to the question ‘Slots Double-up Feature: Worth a Try?’ would be ‘it’s up to you!”