The Benefits of Having Multiple Gaming Accounts

Why Should I Have Lots of Accounts?

The answer may vary according to your gaming preferences, i.e. if you are more of a casino bettor or a sports betting punter.

Both kinds of bettors could benefit of multiple welcome bonus offers. Sports bettors, however, also have the opportunity of comparing odds before placing bets on sports events, which is a key factor in terms of securing a long term strategy to profit out of sports betting.

Is it Legal to Have Many Accounts?

If you bet by yourself, you shouldn’t worry at all about having multiple gaming accounts. Some people out there do try to exploit bonus offers with specific schemes, which are called by the gaming industry ‘bonus abuse’. 

If you just want to enjoy some more bonus offers, then don’t worry at all.

Multiple Bonus Offers

The most traditional form of betting bonus, is the welcome bonus offer, which normally comes in the form of a ‘deposit bonus’, or a ‘free spins offer’. ‘Free bets’ were more popular in the past, but this form of bonus is also making a come-back. 

Even if the gaming companies are investing these days in what they call ‘retention offers’, the most traditional ways of seducing customers remain the ‘welcome offers’. For that reason, it’s not that hard to actually seduce them to at least test their services with some form of incentive, most notably, different ways of betting for free.

Betting for Free

Betting with free funds could mean the ‘free bet’ offers, which normally mean that the punter is allowed to make a sports wager with no risk or reduced risks, or even free funds to bet, which would be the ‘deposit bonus funds’, and free spins that would be free rounds to play casino games like slots and at times even roulette games.

Forbidden Practices

We don’t recommend the bettors of our site to engage in illegal practices such as using a VPN to mask your actual country of residence. To withdraw funds you may be forced to prove your identity, address and banking residency, which means you could waste your time by trying to fool gambling houses.

We do understand that some brands offer better bonuses to specific markets, most notably growing markets like Brazil, but we recommend to bet only at sites that do take bets from customers based where you live.


The most relevant benefit of keeping multiple gaming accounts is to enjoy free funds to bet that come in the form of several different bonus offers. 

The second most relevant reason would be the possibility of comparing sports betting odds, which definitely could make a difference if you are not betting for fun, i.e. if you want to become a part time or full time professional bettor.

Check out our partners and you will always find interesting offers to enjoy new bonuses. The number of sites out there these days is so big that you can keep enjoying bonuses for a long time before you run out of ‘enhanced funds’ to bet.

After you register and eventually undergo normal KYC checks to verify your gaming accounts, we do recommend that you check your e-mail box often as you may receive interesting secondary offers, the so called ‘retention offers’, especially if you enjoy the welcome bonus then bet at other sites for a while.