Top 5 eSports Games

The Trending Stars 

The world of e-sports changes fast, and the pages of e-sports of the best bookmakers out there have several different games available for you to bet on the performance of the best professional teams of the world.  

Let’s find out about the most important games of 2020: 

League of Legends 

The game is already a veteran of the eSports universe, and it is still quite relevant, although the number of active players has been decreasing in the last months and years. 

Six to seven years ago the game was the king of the eSports universe, and the most important legacy that the game brought to the world of electronic sport is the very concept of professional tournaments and the inception of the first teams organized around sponsorship aiming the big prizes. 

The fact that there are teams playing professionally to promote the games has also had an impact on the commercial development of the games, and there’s no doubt that LoL has helped a lot to inspire keen companies to develop games aiming potential viewership of the games in major tournaments. 

In the 20th century, videogames marketing was all about selling games for the kids, the experience was still far away from consolidating it’s presence in the internet, but the 21st century saw the rise of multiplayer games that don’t even work without an internet connection. 

Not only League of Legends remains relevant in the professional eSports scenario, but it has played a key role in the development of this very concept in less than one decade. 


The game has its roots in the game that was first released in 2000, which means it is a considerably older game in terms of origins in comparison with it’s trending pairs of the eSports industry. The game is doubtlessly a rising star and you can find odds to bet on professional events quite easily these days. 

If League of Legends is considered a veteran being less than one decade old, Counter Strike has definitely had an impact even before the online scenario was quite solid, as kids that were teenagers or close to that age in the begin of the 3rd millennium spent hours in LAN houses playing the game that would eventually become in the future CS GO, the big star of the FPS games in 2020. 

Dota 2 

At the moment, Dota 2 must be considered the kind of the eSports world, as the prize money of the biggest tournament of 2019 exceeded 34 million dollars. The development of professional teams of Dota 2 players is growing fast these days. 


Some games are really trending these days, and although our top 5 doesn’t include it, we believe Fortnite is also worth mentioning, so check out review about it below. The top 5 eSports of 2020 are big rising stars not only of the videogame scene, but the gambling world too.  


The game faces fierce competition of Minecraft, but it has the potential to gain more market share, while Minecraft is considered less likely to make such an impact. 

The tournaments featuring great prizes are starting to trend in the universe of Fortnite and the game surely deserves the attention of the eSports bettors. 

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