UEFA Europa League Betting Guide

Betting on the UEFA Europa League is very easy: all you need to do is use the knowledge you already have about football betting, or simply everything you know about the sport, and transform that information in keen odds.

Anyone who has bet on CONMEBOL Sul-Americana will have a little advantage, as the competition format is quite similar, as it is the second largest international competition at club level in the European continent.

Motivation: The Key Factor to Europa League Betting

The main factor to bet efficiently in the tournament is to understand the real motivation of each team in the tournament. Teams that have already won the Champions League tend to feel out of place when they are involved with this tournament, just as some teams do with Sulamericana.

A disinterested manager has a good chance of fielding a reserve team or a line-up with several subs, and this sudden drop of quality can make a huge difference in the betting markets and the potential profits of the gamblers.

The odds do not always reflect the line-up, as they are often only confirmed a few minutes before the game, which can devalue some teams and value others in the live markets, once this information is 100% confirmed.

Although it is not possible to predict whether a team will be interested in a match, the important thing is always to buy teams that are 100% likely to be interested, because buying the odds of a reserve team unintentionally can be very frustrating.

Europa League Live Betting Tips

As with other tournaments that may involve teams quite unknown to the Brazilian public, the best way to start betting on this tournament is live betting: you can learn a lot by watching live matches via television or streaming, as the transmission provides keen information in real time.

Betting live on the goals works like any other live tournament: it is possible to bet in a very intuitive way, even if you know little about the teams, and even if there is no Brazilian team involved in the fixture: it is easy to ‘feel’ that a game is open and ‘sense’ that goals may come at any time, or if both teams are defending well, or maybe a big team has already scored 3 or 4 goals and seems to be ‘satisfied’ with can really ‘kill’ a game in terms of overs betting.

Why Betting On The Europa League

The football bets in the CONMEBOL Sudamericana (South American Cup) are similar to the Europa League, in the sense that the motivation of the clubs is a very important factor to calculate their odds accurately and after that process compare with what is available in the markets.

Although it is rare, it is also possible to buy odds before a reserve team information is reflected in the market: the motivation factor is important in the sense of only buying odds of sides that are 100% committed with the tournament, in comparison with teams that can be less interested.

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