Websites I can use to analyse football matches

Websites I can use to analyse football matches

Build Rock Solid Bets 
The profitable punters are those that master the art of making estimations of upcoming sports events. Regardless your method of building the picks, i.e. if you bet based on numbers or facts, your estimations must be fuelled by good information. 

Even professional bettors that use complex mathematical models’ kind of ‘tailor’ the raw numbers of their expensive software with the final ‘sauce’ which is vital to any punter: the recent team news. 

There are easy ways to mimic winning strategies and produce betting profits in the long run. Let’s learn a bit about them. 

Sites Full of Stats 
You may not need to know how many games or goals each player scored at your preferred leagues, but basic information is vital, such as the recent results in the league as well as detailed results for home and away games. Some bookies offer more information than others in that sense, but we have a good tip of a free source for you: is a website that offers you great basic information about prestigious leagues as well as some very obscure ones. It is always up to date and even millionaire punters and syndicates use their information. 

Team News 

The news are a bit more complicated, but we have some good tips for you as our staff also counts on professional gamblers: the best thing you can do is to organize your browser with keen links that will be a product of a very basic research. It should go without saying, but a key step to profit with sports betting is to choose one or a few leagues to focus, it is impossible to bet on dozens of leagues without some kind of professional support like paid newsletters or paid researchers which is far from most of the average punters’ goals and means.  

Research about your league and try to find a handful of links about the news related to injuries for example, and add them as ‘favourites’ at your browser. Most sites these days have some kind of logo, which means you can keep the links quite ‘little’, shortening them to 1-3 letters. You can now have something like 30 sites at your favourite sites bar, and there’s always the possibility to use the little folders at the upper right part of Chrome for example if you want to build longer lists. 

Good international sites would be, and transfermarkt. In Brazil, try adding to your bar of favourites simply as GE. Then add for example a site especially dedicated to the teams of Porto Alegre like as ‘GZH’.  

Ideally you should have a few general sites for each like and one source of team news to each club. When it comes to lower leagues, at times you will find special sites like Italy’s for example. 


If you spend some time searching for good sources and then organize them in a very efficient way at a browser, you will make it easy to research and maybe even be able to expand your number of leagues followed.  

True profitable sports betting is just like any other investment profession: it takes time and organization, and the more organized you are, the more time you will have to profit elsewhere or even sell your services as a football analyst or profitable punter. 

Even if you are all about fun, it’s annoying to type the same site name every time or googling it again and again: a bit of organization can help your leisure time too.