What happens if my account is suspended or closed?

Avoiding Problems with Gambling Houses 

There are some kinds of problems that can be complicated in the world of casinos and sportsbooks: it’s better to avoid them than try to treat the ‘issue’.  

Suspensions and Deletion of accounts are a big problem: you hardly ever will be able to revert it back to the normal status of the account. There are simply two reasons behind the potential suspension or deletion of a gaming account 

  1. The company is not serious and is inventing excuses to avoid paying prizes or simply stealing your balance 
  1. They are seriously and legitimately concerned that you may be involved in some kind of monkey business 

The main problem with this kind of situation is it is often hard to tell a from b: some companies will ‘mask’ their corrupt acts with a false allegation that you are the crook instead. It’s pretty annoying and it surely is an experience that no user deserves. 

As we mentioned, before trying to provide some ideas to solve the issue – which is kind of unlikely – you should really try to avoid this kind of situation by sticking to serious companies, and we suggest the following easy steps 

1 – Stick to companies that hold licenses – check or article about them for more information 
2 – Check our list of partner sites as we scrutinize them carefully before indicating them to you 

Trying to Revert the Suspension 

If the account has been deleted, it is probably too late to try anything on your behalf. Truth to be told, the corruption within the gambling industry, performed by a gambler, is almost entirely linked to sports betting: cheating at an online casino is really hard.  

To influence the sports betting market with bribes that will reflect in terms of odds is not something cheap: it is usually beyond the means of most recreational bettors. That also applies to money laundering, which may be another kind of accusation behind casino and sports betting activities. 

In fact, with the current KYC procedures adopted by the industry, it is unlikely that a big and serious operator would be victim of any kind of crook, and even if they do, they would likely involve the police.  

That being said, you should be aware that accusations of this kind are very serious, and if you didn’t do that, you can even communicate the authorities about the accusations that don’t proceed.  

Dealing with the Problem 

A solution tried by many gamblers is to complain publicly about the issue at many sites of reviews and other kinds of sites that are part of the online community of gamblers: it’s hard that this will help because if the company is consciously engaging in a wrong doing, then they won’t care much about the reputation and the site itself may vanish fast.  

If the situation is a misunderstanding, your best chance of reverting a suspension is to politely approach the gambling house, try to understand their claims and politely fight it back with arguments. One, two or three attempts tops is what we recommend: it’s easy to sense if you are being taken seriously or not. 

If the ban proves to be unavoidable, try to be more cautious when choosing a site in the future. Thankfully, the regulation of the Brazilian market is on it’s way and we are likely to see lesser bad operators around.