What to do if you have a problem with a bookmaker

What to do if you have a problem with a bookmaker | 123Aposta

Avoiding Problems with Bookies 
The best way to avoid problems with a bookie is the precaution: choose wisely where to bet – which isn’t that hard – and you are likely to bet without having issues. 

The best way is normally to just stick to brands that are licensed by a renowned institution, even if the brand in question isn’t licensed locally, the fact that the operator owns licenses like the Maltese, Swedish or British ones for example will indicate that you are dealing with a serious brand. 

It may take some time before the market is fully licensed in Brazil but you can always find good information about the reputation of the holding that owns the company you are considering to bet with just by googling its name and checking if the numbers of licenses are still active. 

How Licenses Help the Bettors 

The institutions that issue the licenses demand that the brands solve their problems directly with the customers – they don’t really like to be involved in problematic situations, which means the brands that work  under licenses really do their best to avoid problems or reviews by the license issuers.  

Companies that are used to that routine normally will adopt the same practices at markets that still formally grey like Brazil. 

Typical Problems 

The most common issues faced by gamblers include denials of withdrawals or delays to process it, and more serious ones like accusations of corruption. 

Delays to process payments can actually be caused by third parties like companies that intermediate this payment for the bookmaker which means it isn’t uncommon to see it happening.  

Denials of withdrawals may be related to bonus policies (wagering terms) – we suggest that you read our complete guide about betting bonus and how to use them. 

If you are accused of something more serious by the company, then you should read our guide about frozen and suspended accounts. 

Limitations to winning punters can hardly be solved; we suggest that you bet until the limits you get and don’t really waste time trying to make the bookie raising it – even if you feel betrayed by the brand in a way, risk management protocols are normal in the industry and you should try to profit where you are allowed. 


Problems with bookies may be related to some concepts that the bettor doesn’t know yet such as betting limits, wagering terms and others. If you are obeying the rules and you are being accused of something absurd, that kind of screams that you are before a dishonest company and maybe you should look at our partner companies for interesting alternatives of good companies that offer generous welcome bonuses and packages. 

Gambling may be profitable but it is an industry that unfortunately attracts some crooks – operators as well as rogue punters, which means you will always need to remain vigilant to keep betting at the places the value you as a customers and keep their promises.